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Cassie Sandsmark
26 January
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W O N D E R + G I R L

I take full responsibility for bringing you into this life. And I've proudly watched you grow from tomboy to young lady, "sidekick" to team leader...I gladly counseled you, trained you, recruited others to train you...and you'll always be my "little sister", just like Donna. But the fact of the matter is...you're not a child anymore.


Cassandra (Cassie) Sandsmark is the daughter of an archeologist, Helena Sandsmark, PhD, and Zeus, the Greek god. The second young woman to be called Wonder Girl, Cassie was at various times and in various ways mentored by her predecessor Donna Troy, Wonder Woman, Artemis and Ares. Cassie no longer has a secret identity but has used the name Drusilla Priam when necessary. She is entering her last year in university, majoring in Classics and is also studying photography. She is in a relationship, and very much in love, with Tim Drake.

I kind of started stumbling away. Things went in the wrong direction. I was just glad I could pick myself up and keep fighting and do the right things, and end up with a win.

As Wonder Girl, Cassie is brash, impetuous and a born leader. In private she is very guarded and tends to disengage when pushed. Thus, her personality fluctuates between bubbly exuberance and melancholic insecurity. She has a well-developed sense of duty that keeps her going even when things seem at their worst. Cassie has a great deal of survivor guilt and deep-seated abandonment issues; she honestly believes she will outlive everyone important to her. She can be very demanding but is also devoted and does nothing half-way.

We're a beacon of hope to our generation. We exist to let others know that it's possible to stand up against the evils of the world and to persevere in the face of great hardship.

Name: Cassandra Elizabeth Sandsmark
Alias: Wonder Girl
Identity: Public
Birthday: January 26
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed and durability; flight
Equipment: Lasso (powers currently indeterminate), bulletproof bracelets
Affiliations: co-leader of Justice; formerly Young Justice and Teen Titans

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RP Journal : I am not Cassie; I am not Maria Sharapova; Wonder Girl belongs to DC Comics. This is fiction. Graphics and layouts are by me unless otherwise noted.